Welcome to Corset Month!!

Corsetry Sew-a-Long using the newly released Eventide Corset Pattern.

Firstly, I would like to thank very much all of the people who have purchased a copy, and the amazing response to the Eventide Corset Pattern. I am super thrilled that I have finally been able to take this step as it has been a dream of mine since stepping on to my first Fashion course aged just 16 and discovering the awesome power of Pattern Cutting.

I have so many more Patterns planned- now that I can produce them!- and I am wildly thrilled to take this step to help all of you and many more create bespoke Corsetry, Costumes and more! Central to the ethos of Laura After Midnight is to aide the creation of Professionally Sewn Garments… simply being told how to Sew isn’t good enough! I demand more from Tutorials, the ins and outs, the nitty gritty, the down low! What makes a garment beautiful, what are the little tips we have picked up to make something a little easier or smoother? During Corset Month I hope to share with you some of mine…¬†which is where The Corset Sessions step in!

Filmed as a series, The Corset Sessions introduce some of the ways I manufacture Corsets quickly, accurately and beautifully. I am over the moon that I have been given the opportunity to work with a Production Company to film the process of making an Eventide Corset and simply can’t wait to show you the result.

During this process I shall be introducing you to basic Pattern alterations and cutting, assembling the Corset, fit and finishing. It all sounds so simple, doesn’t it?! I promise however; that with a little care and some attention to detail that even a beginner can make an Eventide Corset.

This week we shall be starting slowly- no sewing just yet!- with articles on how to Print the PDF Pattern, Materials and Equipment needed, Cutting and Preparing the Fabric as well as tips on using fancy schmancy Fabrics like Lace and Silk.

Sound good? Excellent… then I shall begin…

Happy stitching!


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