5 Tips For Craft Fairs

Today I’m at the Spiegel tent Christmas market at the last of this seasons run of craft fairs. We’ve been in all sorts of places from street corners to victorian chapels and here we all are ending it all in a big top. (Obviously).

There are certainly some tricks to running a successful stall. One of which is totally not ignoring customers and writing blog posts (shhhh).

1) It’s important to have plenty of change, if you can’t get to the bank then take some penny chews through a self service check out!

Your stall displays is really important people automatically focus in on the centre on your table so you need to put your best sellers where they will be seen and don’t be afraid to move things around as the day goes on.

3) Make friends with the other sellers. Once you start doing a few craft fairs you will start to see some familiar faces you will also find a lot of trade happen between sellers. It’s win win!

4) They are a great way to get your name out there so be sure to have your name on display and business cards at the ready. I’ve received whole sale orders just from being seen at craft fairs.

5) Dig yourself in for the long haul. There are many great things about doing these fair but unfortunately central heating is not always one of them. The hours can be long and weather less than tropical but if you get the hang of it then it can be very rewarding especially if you have someone to buddy up.

Happy stitching!

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