M&S Shwop & Sew event 20th June!! Everyone’s invited!!

I just popped my head in to Marks & Spencer’s for a pint of milk (nothing but the bets for Sewing Club, dontchaknow!) and look, look what I saw!

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My name, all over their advertising boards for the Shwop & Sew event! Having slightly alarmed their security guard by snapping away like crazy anbd walking away grinning like a loon to hunt down said milk look what I found next…


I love the touch of the Vintage Sewing Machine and Mannequin! I have to admit that I had a feel of all of that fabric, don’t judge me!

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As I was taking is all in the cutest pair of teeny tiny old ladies came up and started telling me all about how they used to stitch up Traditional Jersey Bonnets! I love that sewing can do that, it’s like there’s something inherently about it which makes it ok to natter away to complete strangers, and across generations, about it. Heaven. I can’t wait to meet everyone on Saturday!

Happy stitching!

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