With over ten years experience stitching creations for Film and Theatre, and having traveled the world working on productions, Laura After Midnight finally come to rest in Bristol, UK.

Whilst designing and making beautifully creative, unique and often whimsical Costumes & occasional clothing for film and theater, Laura also runs Bristol Sewing Club from The Midnight Atelier among the Costumes!

Running every Monday and some Wednesdays and Sundays, Bristol Sewing Club caters to all those who want to learn, create, improve their Sewing skills and stitch up some beautiful creations and garments! Not to mention those who maybe do not have a Sewing Machine or space to sew at home. At the heart of Bristol Sewing Club lies the spirit of a workshop for collective creation.

The Midnight Atelier is based in Pithay Studios, Bristol BS1 2LZ.

studio map

See Sewing Techniques and Tutorials from The Midnight Atelier here, including Patterning and Sewing up an A-Line Skirt, learning Pattern Cutting, making Pajamas and lots more!

Happy stitching!

For Film or Theatre Costuming please email laura@lauraaftermidnight.com

For commissioning pieces please email shop@lauraaftermidnight.com

For any Press related business please contact press@lauraaftermidnight.com

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  1. Hi Laura,
    I came across your blog two days back when I googled Haberdashery shops in London. Thank you for the lovely information. I am coming to London for the first time from across the seven seas. I was happy to read your blog and took my time to read your posts. How I wish I knew you and your work atleast a decade back. I had to make a hard decision of giving up the passion of making costumes and dress designing and go into teaching. I would have come to you to learn and work for you. If I have enough time in my tight schedule, I would like to visit your place. Oh! I forgot, I am coming to London in July.

    You have such lovely work! All best in all your projects and ideas.

    • Hi! Wonderful to have been of help!! I am actually based in Bristol now but I hope you have a wonderful time in London!! xxx

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