M&S Shwop & Sew event 20th June!! Everyone’s invited!!

I just popped my head in to Marks & Spencer’s for a pint of milk (nothing but the bets for Sewing Club, dontchaknow!) and look, look what I saw!

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My name, all over their advertising boards for the Shwop & Sew event! Having slightly alarmed their security guard by snapping away like crazy anbd walking away grinning like a loon to hunt down said milk look what I found next…


I love the touch of the Vintage Sewing Machine and Mannequin! I have to admit that I had a feel of all of that fabric, don’t judge me!

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As I was taking is all in the cutest pair of teeny tiny old ladies came up and started telling me all about how they used to stitch up Traditional Jersey Bonnets! I love that sewing can do that, it’s like there’s something inherently about it which makes it ok to natter away to complete strangers, and across generations, about it. Heaven. I can’t wait to meet everyone on Saturday!

Happy stitching!

The Marks & Spencer Shwop & Sew Lab

On the 20th June, I shall be setting up shop inside Marks & Spencer’s, Broadmead as part of The Bristol Big Green Week! Excitement!!

I’ll be running two Workshops, the first being for Beginners to Up-Cycle a T-Shirt in to a Shopping Bag or Infinity Scarf, the second for more intermediate Sewers will turn a T-Shirt into a Shirred Skirt or Tunic! All T-Shirts are being donated by Oxfam, and the event is completely free BUT it’s first come, first served so you’ll need to get in fast!!

You can see all of the details here, and the full Schedule is below:M&SYes, you can meet the winner of The Great British Sewing Bee! Eek!! And just look at all of the good things you can come along to learn, Up-Cycle or repair. I shall definitely be hanging around to take a peek at the Refashion Competition and for Matt’s talk (and a cheeky glass of something!).

I’ll be sharing the makes over the week as I put together the samples and instruction sheets so watch out! I love the idea of Up-Cycling all of those old T-Shirts into useful Shopping Bags (did you know the UK stops giving Shopping Bags out for free at the end of the year? Well, we do so make your own re-usable one now!!).

See you there, can’t wait to meet you all.

Happy stitching!