Wonderland Cirque Showreel!

Eek, so excited to have discovered this on the Scarlett Entertainment Website… this show has already undergone some re-designs but back when we first finished this originally designed show over  Christmas 2016,  this is what the end product looked like!!

Commissioned by Scarlett Entertainment, from original Designs by me! I was thrilled to see everything in actions… especially those Table Costumes. Also, how cute are this Cards?! I love their little tippy toes!

We have since designed and made Costumes for Scarlett including a Bavarian Dance Troupe and Beauty and the Beast and I can’t wait to share these too!

Happy stitching!

Making your own Christmas Cards

bauble2Making your own Christmas Cards is a very satisfying experience! For years I have grabbed a couple potatoes and happily stamped away however; for this tutorial I have updated the technique slightly to produce permanent stamps which can be re-used again and again.

You will need:

Sticky Back Foam (click here to buy)

Acrylic Blocks (Click here to buy)




Stamp Pad and Acrylic Paints

Blank Cards (Ebay is an excellent resource to buy these in bulk, cheaply)

Paint Brushes, Pencils, Pens and Paper

Firstly, use the Pens, Pencils and Paper to sketch out a couple Designs. You should keep them super simple to start, and just have a little fun before refining your technique. As I am an avid fan of different printing techniques- I love Lino Cuts and have been producing them since I was a child- I wanted to attempt the most Christmassy of things… Vintage style Baubles!


Having sketched out a couple designs, I liked the 3rd the best. It’s not overly complicated but it will look good in silhouette as a stamp.

Once you have chosen a Design, draw it on to the Foam. Proceed to use the Scalpel and Scissors to cut the Design from the Foam. Loosely cut around, then cut the finer details out until it is finished. Lastly, you will need to neaten up the edges

bauble3 bauble4 bauble5 bauble6

Peel the back of the Sticky Back Foam away, and stick to one of the Acrylic Blocks. This enables you see where you are Stamping the image, and hold on to it properly.

bauble7 bauble8 bauble9

Press your beautiful new Stamp on to the Stamp Pad, rock slightly then move and stamp and rock again to properly cover the Stamp with Ink.

Gently press the Stamp on to your Card, and press down in each corner to make sure the Stamp prints properly.

I will stamp a couple of practice runs to make sure I am happy with the result before I stamp the final cards. I also like to mix in different coloured paints to make the result you can see in the far right picture above.

Squeeze out some paint on to some card, and using a paint brush spread it out as evenly and thinly as possible in a large enough area to cover the Stamp. Gently press the Stamp in to the paint, then in to the Stamp Pad to cover with Ink (this works best if the Stamp Pad is a Gold, Silver or shiny colour), then stamp on to your Card.

bauble11 bauble10 bauble12

So, what do you think of mine? Shown above are some of the Bauble Stamps I have cut, my paint trials and a finished Card. I think I like these best in a single colour, and I am going to do some in Hot Pink, Teal and Purple with Gold. They will be available on my Market Stalls, and through my Etsy store soon.

Of course, you could use these stamps to make Gift Tags, Wrapping Paper or even purchase some Fabric Paint and make your very own Christmas Fabric!

Christmas Month continues with Presents!!

Happy stitching!

Wordless Wednesday: Presents


present3   present2   present4

I have blogged about Vivid, Please before however; their tutorials are well worth checking out. From the top we have DIY Washi Tape Feathers- a most ingenious way of decorating your gifts, and I am sure with a little imagination they could be changed up to be Holly or any number of other things!- a Retro Lady Neck Tie, a lovely gift for the fashionista in the family, DIY Scratch Cards which I think would compliment home made crackers fantastically!, and Decorated Ceramics.

Now, aren’t you all inspired to start making up those Christmas gifts? Click on the images to see the Tutorials.

Happy Christmas!

Christmas Month!!

I am declaring November… … Christmas Month!!

christmas month button

Grab yourself this Christmas Month Button!!

I am so excited! It’s nearly Christmas… … well, almost!! To celebrate this year I am going all out and have a feast of delights for you, whether you are local, or far away. From Pop Up Emporiums to Tutorials on Stocking Fillers and Presents, Wrapping or Printing your own Christmas Cards from your own design, Presents and Stocking Fillers available through my Etsy store and at Christmas Markets I am pretty sure I have you covered!!

So, to officially kick this party off, here is the run down for November…

  • Week One and Two: Decorations and Cards

Tutorials will include Vintage Felt Christmas Lights, Christmas Bunting and Making your own Christmas Cards, there will be a scrumptious Recipe in my new- for November only!- Tuesday Treats, for Wordless Wednesday I shall be sharing my picks of the other Tutorials and Christmassy Projects out there, all of which will inspire you to create a more sustainable, hand made Christmas this year.

  • Week Three: Presents

Week two is all about making home made presents for those nearest and dearest to you! These don’t have to be ridiculously complicated but I do have one rule I stick to: they have to be useful and purse friendly as well as lovely! I shall have Tutorials on things like making simple but beautiful Patchwork Cushions and Pot Pinchers/Oven Gloves, a full Pyjama’s Tutorial with Pattern and Instruction sheet as well as some smaller makes to come. This weeks Wordless Wednesday will show a little of what is to come next week!

  • Week Four:  Wrapping

Not just Brown Paper and String, y’know! Week Three will see Tutorials on making Christmas Gift Bags, Stockings (with my fool proof easy as pie method!), Crackers and Wired Ribbon Tutorials.

  •  Week Five: Something Pretty

There will be a mini Something Pretty Tutorial for the boys: Ties, with a free Pattern and PDF!! Watch out for more posts for the girls too!

Along the way I shall be sharing all manner of things from the many, many Blogs I follow so it promises to be a slightly chaotic, glittery, colourful and fun month! Perfect for Christmas!

Many of the above Christmas Makes will be available to do in my Christmas Pop Up Shop… which is growing every day! Grab yourself the above button if you want to join along on your Blog:

<a href=”http://lauraaftermidnight.wordpress.com” ><img title=”Pattern Month with Laura After Midnight” src=”http://lauraaftermidnight.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/christmas-month-button.jpg“/></a>

What are you all most looking forward to and, more importantly, if you are joining me in celebrating a Hand Made Christmas, what will you be making?

Happy Christmas!