Le Petit Théâtre Dior

I have just stumbled upon these stunning, awe inspiring Short Films showing the work- in miniature- carried out by the Couturiers at The House of Dior. The glimpses in to the way they work are my favourite- I am definitely going to have to look into how they sew sequins on that quickly!- and the finished products are simply stunning.

Dior in Miniature 1

Dior in Miniature 2

Le Petit Théâtre Dior – The Exhibition

The size they are working in looks teeny tiny however; it’s actually only half scale and making miniatures is common practice in Haute Couture as it is a way to test the design before making any expensive and time consuming mistakes… this stuff aint cheap! These have been made for exhibition, and are quite, quite stunning.

Happy stitching!

Pattern making as Art

If anyone is in any mild confusion as to why I am so obsessed with Patterns, this should help clarify. This is what you can do when you know how to flat Pattern cut, when you know the subtle nuances of fit and fiber, and when passion and creativity take over and elevate you from the norm.

This is what I do, to a slightly lesser degree and sometimes in a vary different fashion because I am a Costumier, but this is what I do. In making a Costume I will go through every stage you see here, the careful planning and cutting, the delicate ironing and shaping, and the constant, obsessive checking. And boy, do I love every minute!

Happy patterning!

Some news about future Tutorials…

McCALLS How a Pattern is Created

I have quite the collection of Vintage, & probably antique by this point!, sewing books & I have decided to share some of their wonderful techniques, illustrations & thoughts with my readers in the form of tutorials.

The above is a brilliant example of the sort of things these book have to offer. It is a page from the 1960’s McCall’s Sewing in Colour book & quite clearly illustrates the path a pattern will take from conception to  finished product, & isn’t something you would really find in a new sewing book. Because of the age of these books, a lot of the techniques illustrated are extremely professional Hand & Machine techniques, often straying into the realm of Couture techniques I have seen on dresses from Dior to Vivienne Westwood They are a beautiful reminder of what can be accomplished by the home sewer as they can really elevate your construction from Homemade to Hand Made- a distinction it is important to make!

Each & every one of my collection has some very unique points & none of them cost more than two or three pounds… which is a lovely reason to start your own collection!

I shall be trying to post every Thursday however; inspiration may strike at other times too! I have already covered Pleats  & How to Sew on a Button so I shall continue to post Beginners Sewing techniques as I am continuing to teach many, many new sewers.

It’s quite exciting isn’t it?!

Happy stitching!