Wedding preparations!

So, we’ve booked the Wedding, had a peek at the hall and are currently writing lists of all of our favorite foods and then I remembered (after having a very graphic dream where no-one turned up!) that we should probably tell people about it!!

So I have illustrated some Save The Date Flags!

1 flag

We’re seeing a lot of our families over the next week or so and I thought they would be super fun to hand out! These are the illustrations behind them… if you look closely they give a little flavor of what the wedding will be like!


I’m rather pleased with them however; it did take me quite a while to get us ‘right’. I kept making artistic changes and suddenly I was looking at a weird girl and a guy I’d never met!


In other news, I do believe I have decided upon the Dress Patterns for my Wedding Dresses! Eek!! Two because we will be getting married on the Wednesday, then partying on down with everyone we can think of on the Saturday! Yay!!

Happy stitching!



A little Birthday Garland!

Look what I’ve been up to this evening!

bunting 1 bunting 2 bunting 3

I needed to stitch up a sweet, pretty and small gift for my Nanny, whose Birthday it is on Sunday. I try to give little handmade gifts these days as it seems we all have everything we need, & I do so hate to give gifts which will just clutter up a place!

I’ve seen this idea done a couple times, but as always I decided to put my little slant on it & have layered up colourful polkas &¬†florals’ with hand stamped calico letters spelling out ‘Happy Birthday!’.

I think it is a cheerful & re-usable gift which will fit happily in her card before I send it on it’s way. What do you think?

bunting 1

Happy stitching!