Wordless Wednesday

This weeks Wordless Wednesday is of my own work! This is Maya from Borderlands 2… I’m pretty happy with my work and the Client loves it!!! 

Maya 4

Maya 3

Maya 5 Maya 2 Maya 1

In direct contravention of Wordless Wednesday rules I’m going to tell you a little about it!

Commissioned by a Client in Australia, this took me about twice as long as I thought because of the pieced nature of the ‘Body’. Yup, you may not have noticed but that baby is just shy of 50 pieces of individually patterned and cut Lycra, Satin and layered Lycra with Mesh. Yes, yes I am mad! In fact I’m so mad that, when the first wasn’t working… … I scrapped it and started another. I’m so pleased I did because this is a whole tonne better!

After patterning (using the Basic Bodice Block, then the Basic Swimwear Blocks with adaptations), I patterned the Costume as best I could using source material the Client had sent and looking at what other CosPlayers’ had managed. Because this is from a Game, I noticed that the illustration took a few liberties with reality to I had to adjust parts! Once Patterned, the pieces were cut and sewn together using my Dress Form to cope with the pieces… I’m not going to lie, a few were almost sewn on upside down because it is so complicated!

The Trousers were the easiest part, and once everything was made I got to break it down and make it dirty! I love that part!!

Everyone who has popped their head around The Midnight Atelier’s doors has gotten a peek in the last few months and I was enormously pleased with the compliments. Mainly because, as I am not a Gamer myself, I was worried it looked ok!

I have to say that I think this takes place of the 17th Century Wedding Dress I created- and had to put a bullet hole in to!- as my favourite Costume I have ever made. It’s just so unusual and uses one of my best skills- Pattern Drafting.

I am sure I shall be sharing a few more pictures of the creative process soon, but for now I though you’d like to see the sort of thing you can Commission from me! Up next are two stunning Edwardian Skirts for a Client in America! Yay!!

Happy stitching!

New Fascinator Kits!

I have been hard at work here snuggled up at Midnight Heights, whilst the blizzards blow & the world turns to white.

There are a couple new listings in my Etsy store however; the long anticipated Fascinator Kits have finally been designed, illustrated & put into production. The first batch have turned out delightfully retro & super colourful, & I couldn’t be happier about that!

I am also running a Facebook/Twitter competition so if you fancy giving one a twirl share this & in return for some feedback on the making up process, & a couple photos I’ll send you one for free…

Fan of Fascinators 1

Because these are samples I have used all sorts of scraps & Up-Cycled snippets of fabric! All these have been used for various projects in the past but I think they have found their home in these Kits, don’t you?!

  Fascinator Construction 11. Fascinator Construction 22. Fascinator Construction 33.

Step 1: The instruction Booklet, Pattern sheet, Veil & Binding… Step 2: Add the Bow, Button and Vintage Lace embellishment… Step 3: Add in the Ribbon & it’s on to the exciting part! Choosing the fabric combinations!!

Fascinator Construction 4

The finished Fascinator Kit. Each pack includes a top fabric, lining Fabric (up to the maker which one you choose), Stiffener & an Instruction Booklet which takes you through the process of making the Fascinator & also has illustrations on how to make things like a Birdcage Veil, Rosette & other decorations. Also included are various Decorations however; you are more than encouraged to have a snoop about your local haberdashers & add to these!

Retailing at £10, they’re a snip! Also available as a Party option, I can theme them or even host your party for you! What do you think?

Happy stitching!

On sale now!!

Get them while you can!! Mini Top Hat Kits on sale now…




Please go to my Etsy store- click any of the photos above- to buy. Great as an unusual Christmas Gift, as something to make for yourself for the Party Season or to learn basic millinery skills with I guarantee you wont stop at one!! The pattern included is re-usable so with just a short dash to your local haberdashery store you could be making them for all your friends, for your bridesmaids or wedding party, as gifts or to wear yourself to the envy of all!!

Pictured above is our basic range, I also have some special little treats in store including Kits with Vintage Kimono Silk, Embroidered Silk & some funky Moustachioed Fabric too!!

Laura After Midnight can also Gift Wrap and send to the recipient so don’t forget to buy that option too for a fuss free Christmas… We are urging all who buy to share their creations by sharing the photos on Facebook  or by emailing heresmyhat@lauraaftermidnight.com & I can’t wait to start sharing everyone’s wonderful creations.

Currently you can also buy them at Flo-Jo Boutique on Gloucester Road in Bristol too. Please do not hesitate to contact for Wholesale prices, samples or to discuss bulk orders and Hen Parties.

Happy stitching!