Top 5 posts of 2014!

Well readers, it’s been an interesting year! These are the posts published in 2014 which have been viewed time and again… thank you!

Whilst that’s self explanatory, I’d also like to say that the Pattern Free A-Line Skirt Tutorial and Pattern Month Tutorials beat these posts by a Country mile (but were published in 2013, so don’t count) however; this has made me so happy because I shall be concentrating on Pattern Cutting, Drafting and Making Up in the near future as I start to design and sell more Patterns.

I am so excited about this. I’ve got a new computer, new workroom and new passion and drive after a very hard end of the year which had left me questioning pretty much everything. But more of this later… on with the show!


Simple Sewing: How to Make a Patchwork Cushion

cushion43This is a fantastic make for any young or new Sewers out there, and you end up with a pretty fantastic Cushion at the end of the make too… and who doesn’t like a Patchwork Cushion?! You can make this with a couple of Fat Quarters and some backing fabric too so it’s pretty cheap. I love Patchwork for instilling straight lines and perfectly sewn seam allowances, I’m such a dreadful old bore of a teacher!

cushion5 cushion6 cushion7 cushion8

See the original Tutorial here.


Corset Month

corset month button

Following on from the release of my very first Sewing Pattern- the Eventide Corset Pattern- this March I did a Sew-a-Long for the next month with hints and tips to sew up your very own Eventide! With such a fantastic reception (and despite the evil new VAT regulations)  I shall be releasing more Patterns in 2015, all of which will have a slightly Victorian/Edwardian or unusual flavour. I can’ wait!

cut3sewing upstitched5 finishing9

See the first article here which has links to all of the posts.


5 Tips for Product Photography

ring1 ring2 20140108_012706

Covering tips on Backdrops, placing your Products, Framing, Lighting and Editing Software it’s no wonder this tutorial is so popular! It’s part of an occasional series and was recently followed by 5 Tips for Craft Fairs.

See the original article here.


Notions: Concealed Zips


The first entry from the Notions Series, which is (or is supposed to be!) a weekly photo tutorial on a specific technique. Lamentably abandoned in recent months, I will be resurrecting it as soon as I can as they are ridiculously popular, and exceptionally useful in class! It is no surprise to me this is the most popular as Concealed Zips are a problem for a lot of Sewers’, I’m just pleased this has helped a little bit!

See the original Tutorial here.


The Sorbetto Top from Colette


Who else is looking forward to The Great British Sewing Bee in 2015? This is a post I wrote to accompany last years Sewing Bee, when they made a simple top… which covered an awful lot of Sewing Techniques! A lot of my students were left in a spin and I like the Sorbetto for teaching these techniques, whilst making a garment from not much fabric (also known as, if it mucks up, don’t worry it didn’t cost too much!). Covering making Bias Binding and sewing it on, Slip Stitching, Understitching and a couple other techniques this is a most informative little post and the Pattern is still free over at the Coletterie! Wow!!

slip8 understitch1 understitch4

See the original Tutorial here. Added bonus, click here to see my Interview with Sarai from Colette!

Well, that was 2014, I didn’t do so bad upon reflection. I am trying hard to think which was my favourite post from 2014 and I think it has to be this one. There’s much to look forward to in 2015, and it all started in that little Studio!

Happy stitching!


Get your Eventide Corset Pattern, PDF Eventide Pattern or Eventide Corset Kit while you can to join in the Sew-a-Long starting on the 21st… go on! It’s going to be amazing!!

Available now on my Etsy store…

corset pattern listing KIT 1

The Eventide Corset Pattern and Kit… £42 +P&P

Includes multi-size, graded re-usable Eventide Corset Pattern, Instruction Book with recommended Equipment and Suppliers, and full instructions to make the Corset up including re-sizing the Pattern to  fit you perfectly. Also included are Coutil, Steel Boning, Busk and Tipping. Only a limited number are available!

3 corset pattern listing

 The Eventide Corset Pattern… £12 +P&P

The graded, multi size and re-usable Eventide Pattern and Instruction Book… all wrapped up and ready to go with a bow on top!

corset pattern listing pdf 7

PDF Eventide Corset Pattern… £8

If you can’t wait to start!


The Little Book of Corset Tips… £2.50 +P&P

Notes, hints and tips from the Instruction Book,  this is an informative little tome! It contains the Supplier and Equipment information, notes of adapting Corset Patterns and more. It’s so cute, how could you resist?

Snap all of these up from my Etsy store and use Coupon Code CORSET15 for 15% off until 21st April.

Happy stitching!

Delightful new products in the shop!

Ohmygosh you guys! I am head over heels in love with these super cute little darlings! Introducing the 1940s Style Strawberry Pin Cushion… …

strawberry 5 strawberry 7

strawberry 8 strawberry 1

I have had ‘flu over the last week, and needed something little to be getting along with. Trawling through my lovely Vintage Sewing Books, I came across the Strawberry Pin Cushion. They’re super easy to stitch up, and look delightful in the workroom so I have spent a couple days cheering myself up by illustrating the instructions and searching my Liberty Tana Lawn stash for the perfect fabric to make the Kits from.

You can buy the Kit, to make up yourself, or you can simply buy a Strawberry Pin Cushion lovingly hand stitched by me here at Midnight Heights!

At £3.50 and £3.75 respectively, these make really pretty gifts, and even better Mothers Day gifts! Click on any of the above pictures or here to buy.

Right, I’m off to carry on stitching up my Sorbetto Top!

Happy stitching!

Sew-a-Long News and The Sewing Bee excitement!

You may have seen my post recently about the Laura After Midnight Corset Pattern release and Sew-a-Long. I have made the decision to postpone this because… deep breath of excitement…

The Great British Sewing Bee is back!!

Until about a week ago the BBC had said this would air in April, and I was organising some pop up events and blog posts etc to follow along however; they have decided to start airing from tomorrow night! Eek!! After a quick panic, I have decided to support the classes I will be running alongside The Great British Sewing Bee, which meant that the Sew-a-Long had to be pushed back as I do not want to rush it!

So, the Corset Pattern and Kit will be available for pre-order from the 3rd March, and the Corset Sew-a-Long will now take place from 7th April, and I have changed the dates in the original post to reflect this.


Do not worry however; I shall be sharing all sorts of sewing, pattern and stitchery goodness over the next 8 weeks- it promises to be quite eclectic!- and might even run up a couple quick Sewing Bee Sew-a-Longs from their new book! I have some more interviews with a couple of Independent Pattern Companies in the return of my popular Pattern Making Musings series, I shall be hosting drop in classes every Sunday and blogging alongside the programme to help highlight some of the information, tips and tricks, and choices the programme makes. The biggest comment I noticed coming out of last years Sewing Bee was that some elements were either not explained, or explained too quickly and I hope to assist in rectifying this. They only have an hour after all!!

The first show will test the contestants on the three core fabrics in a dressmaker’s cupboard: cotton, wool and silk. In the surprise pattern challenge, the sewers must create a simple tunic top from straightforward cotton. For the alteration challenge, a plain high street woollen skirt must be dramatically altered within a 90 minute time limit. Lastly, the contestants must then create a made-to-measure silk nightgown. (Original source here)

I shall be making up Colettes Sorbetto‘ Top as an excellent illustration of making up a Simple Tunic Top. I shall also be talking about grading the patterns in the first Great British Sewing Bee book, different fabric choices, their treatment, usage and wear-ability (and some top tips on where to buy fabrics!). For their alteration challenge I shall be altering a skirt I made up a couple years ago with a slightly curious hem detail which I now don’t like! I’ll be creating a scalloped Vintage style hem instead!

Because this series has been slightly sprung upon us all, I am not sure that every week will be as good as this but I shall endeavour to write as much as I can- because it’s so much fun! I really do feel that you get a little glimpse in to my life as a Costumier when viewing their 90-minute challenges!! On many an occasion I have had to sew up pieces at lightning speed, and I think this is the bit of the programme I like the best.

So, whose with me?

There are several ways you can follow along with me. I shall be continuing to Pin Techniques and Advice on to my Sewing Boards on Pinterest here. Share your makes, or take a peek at what I am up to on Facebook here, Tweet me your burning Sewing quandaries here and finally to get all the latest news, offers and general loveliness why not get yourself on to my monthly Newsletter?

I think that you will agree from the above that the wait for the Corset Sew-a-Long will be worth it as I am going to use the time to add in a Waspie Pattern, and I shall be releasing my much anticipated Button Up Spats Pattern in just a few short weeks!

Because The Great British Sewing Bee is a BBC production there won’t be any repeats from last year however; you can watch the first Series of the Great British Sewing Bee on-line in various places such as here.

If you are itching to get stitching why not have a peek at my range of Sewing Bee inspired posts. Clickhere to see all of them, but here are my favourite… …

aline 1

How to make a Simple A-Line Skirt from start to finish.


Basic Patch Pockets.


Inserting Concealed Zips.


Making fabulous Roulaeu Loops.

Happy stitching!

5 Tips for Product Photography

A couple days ago I was asked to provide some Product images for a Craft Magazine and  I used it to light a fire under my bum and get my new Bunting Kit finally finished! It is something I have been illustrating ever since my Mini Bunting Kit’s started selling so well, and with the success of my Hand Made Christmas Bunting over Christmas I decided it was the first Kit to be released in 2014.


Running alongside this, I have started a Branding and Zine conversion which is fairly epic… all products are to be re-branded with my new logo (you may have noticed it above! I’m so super chuffed!!), and all Kits and Zines are to be available as a PDF Download… soon! So, having someone contact me for Product Images was as good excuse as any to finish the Kit, with the new Branding.

It’s been a little manic but… mission accomplished! The Kits will be released a little later in the week and today I thought I’d share a little about what goes on behind the scenes when I am organising Product Photos. Quite a bit goes in to the organization, the Pictures them selves and even more in Post-Production… especially when you are re-branding!!

The best piece of advise I have ever read on this subject is: you want to sell a ‘lifestyle’. In my case, I want customers to look at my Product Images and think ‘ooh, yummy’!

1. Think about your surface, backdrop or setting.

You may have noticed the trend for pure white backdrops recently, which is lovely if your products suit this. I happen to think that sewing needs a little bit more of a tactile backdrop so I compromise. I use a Vintage White Lace edged table cloth, which adds texture but will not look out of place or too different when placed next to other products from other shops on-line, or in a magazine. Don’t be scared to try different backgrounds, at this point you’ll only stand out!

2. To Prop, or not to Prop?

It’s funny, I used to think Props were too messy, that people would think they were included with the product or even just too distracting. I’m pretty sure I was wrong, I love my newer Product Photos, which sell the idea of gathering equipment and notions around you to get ready to use the Kit. The use of Props can also bring in carefully placed elements of colour which can lift the whole picture. They can also add in a Vintage feel, or suggest things to the buyer within a theme which can be a useful tool.


 As you can see, I started with an image in mind that was very different from the final picture! All of the Props disappeared to make way for one glorious Prop- one of my Vintage Glass Dish Pincushions (which is a cheeky way of getting another Product in the Pic!). It’s less cluttered but I feel still sells the Kit well. 

LauraAfterMidnight_Image01_lowThe final Product Photo, ready for both the Magazine and Etsy! None of the complicated filters have been used, it’s clear, concise and looks great!

3. Products

The most important thing about this whole process! I always make the best product I can, or select the nicest version to be photographed. They’re like peaches in a supermarket! I’ll freshly iron, check for threads, make sure none of the packaging is bent, anything to make sure everything is at its best.

4. Framing and lighting

This is personal taste, I prefer to show as much of the product as possible, photographed head on as simply as possible with nothing in front of it or obstructing the view! Of course, I also try to sell the ‘lifestyle’ with the aforementioned props however; the main focus should always be the product. Because I sell on Etsy and Folksy, I also need to take in to consideration the fact that my wonderful picture will probably be first viewed as a thumbnail. This means I will need to be able to crop it without loosing any of the detail, and intent.  Lighting doesn’t need to be anything more complicated than an Anglepoise Lamp with a daylight bulb in (blue light rather than yellow as it’s easier to edit with). I used to tape a sheet of heavy tracing paper to my Anglepoise to diffuse the light so my shadows weren’t as hard too. Bright, white light will always make your Products look awesome because the colours will pop!

ring1 ring2 20140108_012706

 Same Product, different ways! In each photograph I have tried something a little different however; each displays the Kit, and the finished Kit. Because of my Re-Branding you may have noticed I am trying some filters however; my favourite layout is the far left. The snippet of Vintage cloth, the fact that you can see the reverse instructions (but not too much, have to pique their interest!), and the final made up Kit just really works for me. Clear lighting and close framing help to see this picture even when it is a thumbnail. 

5. Photoshop or editing software.

I am incredibly lucky because Fella is a Film-maker and Photographer (which makes me feel like I am cheating a little bit) and means I have access to a couple things I probably wouldn’t have normally. Well, one thing at least: Photoshop. I know that there are many other Photo Editing programmes out there, many of which are either free or at least very cost effective (see a good list of available optionshere) however; Photoshop is just glorious! Also, and this is a very valuable lesson, stick with the software you like and can use efficiently, Photoshop works and makes sense to me but if it had felt tricky and awkward I would have tried another. I try not to follow ‘trends’ for things like this… just because it works for someone else doesn’t mean it will work better than your tried and trusted programme!


LauraAfterMidnight_Image02_low      20140108_010935

 On the left are the Photoshopped images, on the right the filtered images using a free downloaded Programme to my Phone called Repix which is kind of wonderful for a quick edit on the go! I still love the bright, clear imagery I get from Photoshop which I think works well for my on-line shop.

You may have noticed throughout this post I have been trying out some Instagram style filters. This is in response to my new Packaging. Because it is brown paper and string, Vintage style I felt it was important to try a more tactile photographic technique. I’m not sure I like it as it is a little too generic however; I shall continue to play with it as I continue this process.

Well, those are my top tips, I shall be taking many more photos over the next few days as I slowly work through the re-branding of all my products! Wish me luck.

What are your Top Tips for taking awesome droolworthy Photos? I’d love to hear!

Happy stitching!

Best Tips, Notions and Tutorials of 2013

Roll up!, Roll up! The first Laura After Midnight retrospective is upon us!

2013 has been quite the whirlwind! Here are my favourite Blog posts from each month… so without further ado, and not a whiff of preamble take my hand and follow me down the yellow stitched road!

January   Book Review: The Handmade Marketplace by Cari Chapin

As Fella tells it, I just ‘had it one day’; and to be honest I can’t remember where I found out about it, or heard about it or even saw a copy. I really did just have it one day and I haven’t looked back since! I strongly advocate a read if you are in the first stages of starting a business- hand made or otherwise!- or if you find yourself in a rut as following Cari Chapin’s words of wisdom has helped me through more than once!

February   Notions: Measuring Yourself for a Perfect Fit

WELDONS The Correct Way to Take Measurements          TAPE MEASURE          MODERN NEEDLECRAFT How to Measure Yourself

So, you’ve picked out the perfect Pattern, you’ve chosen your fabric & are generally wildly excited about learning how to make your own clothes, but where to start? With accurate measurements of course! Using beautiful Vintage Illustrations like the above and sage advice from my collection of Vintage Sewing Books this post illustrates exactly how to take your measurements, which ones to take and how to do so accurately.

March   Notions: Herringbone Stitch

Quite literally my all time favourite stitch, ever! I use Herringbone Stitch for stunning invisible hems and this Tutorial will take you through the steps. March also saw my popular article on The Best Haberdashery Shops in London, which is well worth a read too.

April   How to Make a Simple Pattern Free Skirt

header 3 patternless skirt 2 skirt 3 patternless skirt 4

In April I hosted my first Sew-a-Long… only I didn’t know then that’s what they were called! The Patternless A-Line Skirt is a technique I teach many Beginner Sewers’ and these Tutorials take you through each stage of creating your very own, fitted A-Line Skirt. Watch out for my soon to be released Skirts Zine too, which will take you through adapting the Pattern you draft in this Tutorial to make different styles such as a Circle Skirt, Pleated Skirt and more. Click each picture above for each stage.

May   Notions: How to Pin

Continuing my ever popular ‘Notions’ series this is a handy little Tutorial for an oft asked about technique.

June   My first Zine…


High excitement was in the air as I researched, designed, hand illustrated (no Wacum Tablet back then!) and put in to production the first Zine in the Notions Series. Understanding Vintage and Modern Patterns has been updated and reprinted and has sold out again, and again much to my absolute joy. More have since joined the first and what started out as a bit of a personal challenge has now turned in to one of the true Laura After Midnight pleasures. Many more are planned and I can’t wait to release the first colour one! Click here to buy.

July   Notions: Fan Darts

fan pleat 1fan pleat 2fan pleat 3

A lovely technique to make alterations or hand made dresses unique.

August   Notions: Concealed Zips

Fully illustrates guide to insert these tricky little buggers!

September   Pattern Month!

What a month September was! Pattern Month was a huge, rip roaring, smash of a success with competitions, tutorials on Drafting PatternsRe-Sizing Vintage Patterns and more, interviews with independent Pattern Companies like the gorgeous Gals’ over at Colette, with all sorts of additional hintstips and tricks it has to have been the most fun one girl can have Blogging! Planning the next one has started already…

October   Techniques and Tutorials

Finally, slightly exhausted after September I’m not gonna lie!, I organized myself and designed the now familiar Vintage Techniques and Tutorials Page. Here you can find all of the Tutorials I have written, projects and very much more. Enjoy, and don’t forget to make a request!

November   Hand Made Gift Baskets

1474448_527415747351943_1097119961_n      1470392_527415744018610_1366746765_n


Prompted by an image I shared on Facebook, I whipped up this little Tutorial as part of the many Christmas Tutorials I did throughout November and December. From Stockings, to Pyjamas I had your Hand Made Christmas covered and they’re well worth a look through!

December   How to Make a Mans Tie inc. Pattern

Throughout December I was rained on… lots!, made over 100 meters of Bunting for sale on my (rainy!) Market Stalls, worked harder than I had all year, managed an (almost) completely Hand Made Christmas, hosted a Christmas Pop Up Sewing Emporium and posted some Christmas Makes in amongst the madness! It was a satisfying end to a year which has been incredibly interesting to live/survive through.

I am not entirely sure I enjoyed all of 2013, but I am damn certain it has taught me valuable lessons, encouraged me to work harder in 2014 and given me a firm grounding with which to take Laura After Midnight to the next level. In my plans for next year I have more Pop Up Sewing Emporiums, Kits for some pretty exciting and super cool makes and patterns, Zines a plenty and so very much more!

Happy 2013, Happy New Year, and here’s to 2014… each and every one if you!!

Happy stitching!

Alice in Midnightland!

My very first feature has appeared on A Very Curious Wedding!

There are more features to follow as the Kits are made up however; why not follow along as Michelle makes up her Alice in Wonderland themed Fascinator and Mini Top Hat Kits? Available now on Laura After Midnight on Etsy from just £10…

3 4

The Fascinator Kit comes in Pale Blue Watered Taffeta and Paper Silk. Included in the Kit is a decoration pack with Cream Feathers, dainty and very pretty Daisy Chain Lace, Black and Cream Ribbons and Paper Silk hand made Flower with Vintage Button details to decorate with, and veiling to make a Birdcage Veil. The Mini Top Hat Kit is made up in 100% Black Silk Dupion. Included in this fantastic Alice themed Kit is a Decoration Pack with Red Velvet Ribbon, gorgeous Black Guipure Lace trim, a selection of Vintage mis-matched Buttons, Black and Red Satin Ribbon and to set it all off some quirky Vintage style Alice themed Playing Cards. Pretty cool!!

I’ll even pop in a Mini Kit of your choice to the first 5 sold! Click the link to buy and don’t forget, Augusts Discount Code is AUGUST13 for free shipping on orders over £20.00.

Happy stitching!

Had some fun at Midnight Heights!

Look! Look what I made!!

pincushionringfinger      pincushion rings

Aren’t they fun? They’re available in the shop to buy, along with a new Teeny Tiny Kit to make your own!

They are surprisingly useful, and mine (the Green Liberty one) makes me smile every time I pick it up. I wear it sideways on my index finger, or on my thumb and it’s great for all of the hand sewing I have been doing recently.

The White one is made from a Vintage Handkerchief with the sweetest flower embroidery. They all have Vintage Button centres, and measure about 1″ or 2.5cm across.

ring white 2 ring flower 2 ring pink flower 2

ring1 ring3 ring4

Click the photographs to buy!

What colour would you choose… or do you fancy a Laura After Midnight Pin Cushion Ring in another colour entirely?

Happy stitching!

Midnight Makes on a rainy Monday.

Well, hasn’t the weather changed here in Blighty? Heaven’s to Betsy, but the rain is a welcome sight!!

This week has been very work filled, from playing Shop at Flo-Jo Boutique, teaching, to having meetings about exciting future projects so I haven’t really been able to squeeze many hours of sewing in. When I have managed to sit at my Sewing Machine I have been working on a couple of lovely commissions, one of which is a Wedding Dress which is going to be stunning! Unfortunately I can’t show pictures yet for obvious reasons however; I’m really excited about it because it’s a little Steampunk inspired and incorporates Silk overlaid with Lace. Yum!

I have been concentrating on putting together the illustrations and copy for three more Zines which are to be about Zips, Buttons and Button Holes and Sleeves. The Zines have continued to receive a great response, and have proved enormously helpful when teaching. I have tentatively started a much larger volume based around some Vintage inspired projects such as a Tie Dyed Maxi Skirt, Victorian Lace and Tap Pants. I’d really like to create a DIY book full of projects which are useful, and that I would really like to make myself so it wont be specifically targeted at the beginner. This all is in response to my Etsy and Christmas Market plans. Talk about organized!!

I have also listed all four of the Zines I have developed thus far on Etsy, so you may buy a copy for yourself!

Pic 6Seams: the Simple Stitches and Techniques needed to Sew, available now on Etsy for just £2.50 + P&P

Pic 9Books We Like, available now on Etsy for just 75p + P&P

new6Darts, Tucks, Pleats and Gathers: How to Elegantly Consider and Place Shaping, available now on Etsy for just £2.50 + P&P

Pic 3Understanding Vintage and Modern Patterns, available now on Etsy for just £2.50 + P&P

I have been stitching for fun a little bit too! I am half way through creating a cheerful Hexagon Quilt for my future Nephew, which is coming along nicely…


I have sewn about half of it together however; I’m not going to post too many pictures as I still want it to be a surprise! The Hexagons are almost 20cm across, and look really cheerful made up! It’s not at all my usual colour scheme but I am enjoying making it. My favourite fabric is the little houses. I can’t wait to see it finished, I’m going to incorporate Red Zig-Zag’s along the sides so it should be nice and bright!!

Today I am drafting a 1920s Tap Pants pattern, for Sewing Club tonight. Can’t wait to make a pair up, and see what fabrics Sewing Club make up their Taop Pants in!!

Happy stitching!

Found on a Friday

MossSkirt  elisalex

The Moss Skirt from Grainline Studio, the Jasmine top from Colette, and the Elisalex Dress from By Hand of London all independent Pattern manufacturers. 

Owning your own business is an ever changing landscape. I find myself constantly evolving, questioning and developing to new demands. In this, my 2nd year of Laura After Midnight, I have really run into some stumbling blocks. I know why, and I am scrambling to rectify the situation however; it has taught me some very valuable lessons. The first of which is: have and maintain targets.

Last year I had a clearly defined goal in place: to make £50 a month from Etsy sales, to blog at least once a week and to do one Vintage Market.

These simple targets propelled me through the year magnificently. They were simple. They were clear and concise. They were achievable (although I didn’t think so at the time!).

This year I have only just put my targets in place. I think I have struggled because I am slowly ‘turning a corner’. I am making money from what was formerly essentially a hobby, all be it a paying hobby, but something I did in my spare time none the less. People are starting to talk about me and my products, I am getting requests and lovely feedback from customers and my ‘brand’ is developing. I am about to get (fingers and toes crossed) my first pieces of press in place. I have stockists. All of this has I think, slightly scared me!, and I have spent almost half of the year in free fall just trying to catch up with it all.

So, on to targets and what I have just discovered today.

1. To make £100 a month from Etsy sales. Not much I know however; my sales have been flagging this year so I would like to keep this target achievable.

2. To have a stall at at least 8 Christmas Vintage and Craft Markets throughout November and December. I have a sub category target for this: I want to make £1500 from these markets in that time frame.

3. To release more Kits, including my first Sewing Kit with Pattern as well as more smaller ‘gift’ Kits.

There, wasn’t so hard after all!! It was in writing these out that I started to wonder how people like Colette, By Hand of London, Sewaholic and Grainline Studio et al manage to design, create and afford to print their own patterns. So, to Google!

It would appear there are several options out there, and that it is not that expensive. The Sewing Directory helped with a post about smaller batches of independent Sewing and Craft Patterns, which lead me to  where the minimum order can be as low as 50, at £1.20 per piece which is well within affordability for me. This has galvanised me in to action, and I have decided that the Laura After Midnight Pattern and Kit range should be almost exclusively ‘alternative’. This is in response to the many questions I get teaching classes, on my Facebook page and here about making things such as historical Men’s waistcoats, Top Hats, Corsets, and historical/Vintage dresses.

2 3 1

The Robson Coat  from Sewaholic, the lovely Belle Bow Blouse from In House Patterns and the simply gorgeous Grace Hipster Panties from Ohhh Lulu.

I am already designing a Spats Kit, which will be available as a full Kit with fabric and buttons, as well as a Pattern with instruction booklet which can be bought as a hard copy or as a downloadable PDF (I’ll get Fellas help with that lol!). I am also developing a Corset Kit based around my lovely Victorian pattern, which I have developed over the years to fit and mould the modern form beautifully. This too will be available in the three different versions above. Other ideas include Tap Pants and Fitted Victorian Waistcoats amongst others.

I think this is an excellent place to start, as I can design, develop and print these initial patterns myself. It will allow me to get a feel for the market, and see if there is a customer base for alternative patterns like these. I know that there are already companies offering Patterns like these however; they very rarely come with full instructions, and if they do they are never illustrated. the patterns themselves are often a straight copy of the historical garment, with little or no concession to the modern form and on the whole not many of them are accessible to the beginner… and that is predominantly my customer base. I’d also like to utilize my Pattern Cutting skills and make then available in many sizes, for every figure!

So, this is what I have found this Friday… my target, and some wonderful pattern and pattern printing companies (for a bigger list click here or here). Do have a look at some of them, they’re really excellent, and designing Patterns which are unique and often very simple to make up. I am slightly obsessed with the quirky way in which they package their Patterns and instruction!

What have you found this Friday?

Happy stitching!