Learning to Macrame!

I went on a little Class yesterday… and learnt how to Macrame!

It was such an unadulterated pleasure to be the one learning and being taught for a change, it felt quite decadent! The Class was run by Knots & Shots and in just under an hour I learnt how to make a Square Knot and create a little holder for a jar with a candle in it. I’m so proud!!

mac2 mac1 mac3

The Class included all of the equipment, the jar and candle and even a little hook! It was a wonderfully pleasant way to spend a morning, and I highly recommend it. The teaching style is relaxed and informal, and we were able to learn at our own pace whilst chatting about the History of Macrame- it’s not as old a sport as I had thought!- and drinking a coffee in the corner of The Phoenix Cafe, where the Class was held.

I liked my effort so much I came home and made another…

mac6 mac10 mac11


I must however; remember to get slightly nicer pots and some little trays for them! This pot isn’t quite big/tall enough… maybe I just need to eat more jam as the glass jar looks beautiful!

The plan is to make three long hanging Macrame Pot Holders for my new Kitchen as I would like to pop Herbs in them to use whilst cooking. I think it will add a little natural element to the room, which is needed because there is no window, only a sky light. It’s a very tall room too, and I hope the Pot Holders will help in some way to connect the space…

macrame plant hangers How to make macramé plant hangers, by Skinny Laminx! A simple enough craft that I might actually have time to do it. Hang je kruidenplantjes eens in een macramé hanger!

If you would like to keep in touch with Knots & Shots about future Macrame Classes do so here… I’m already looking forward to my Intermediate Class in June!

Happy stitching!

New Sewing Courses!

Phew! I have just finished updating the Class Schedule, and I have to say I am mighty proud of this one!

patternss  crochet club  machines

There’re Classes for beginners and more advanced Sewers alike, and I have tried to plan in fun projects like the Playsuit Course or Beginners Dressmaking Course which both have three different Patterns to choose from (and they’re all great, I promise!), as well as Project Days including an Introduction to Patchwork Day and the completely awesome and fun T-Shirt Project Day.

You guys who have already been stitching up a storm are also catered for and can choose from the Sew Anything Course– which starts soon!- as well as Lingerie, Corset and Vintage Pattern Courses. I’m almost envious, but I get to be there too, yay!

I also have a Social Media Training for Small Businesses Seminar which I am completely thrilled to be offering. I seem to spend a lot of time spouting off about how important SEO is, why I try to maintain an Editorial Calendar and why everyone with a Small Business should Blog in the first place, as well as blithering on about Internet Marketing and all the many minutiae of running a Small Business in this wondrous Internet age that I thought I would  share all of the bits and bobs I have learnt over the years to help y’all out!

Click here for more information but loosely this seminar will feature group discussion and worksheets plus handouts for future reference and is the perfect next step for your Small Business as you build your Brand and start to create more business through your website, shop and in person! It’s going to be such fun guys, I’m hopping with excitement!!

Places are limited by space so I’d book quick for all of the Courses and Classes.

Happy stitching!