Wonderland Cirque Showreel!

Eek, so excited to have discovered this on the Scarlett Entertainment Website… this show has already undergone some re-designs but back when we first finished this originally designed show over  Christmas 2016,  this is what the end product looked like!!

Commissioned by Scarlett Entertainment, from original Designs by me! I was thrilled to see everything in actions… especially those Table Costumes. Also, how cute are this Cards?! I love their little tippy toes!

We have since designed and made Costumes for Scarlett including a Bavarian Dance Troupe and Beauty and the Beast and I can’t wait to share these too!

Happy stitching!

Christmas discount code!

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Butterfly 2 Dark Blue 3

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Spread 1

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Happy stitching… & shopping!!

Notions: 6 ways to create a tip top Fascinator!

Fascinator Class 1 Fascinator Class 3 Fascinator Class 2 Fascinator Class 4

This week I taught my first Fascinator Class for Flo-Jo Boutique on Gloucester Road. As I am developing a fun little Fascinator Kit I found it especially interesting to see which elements people had difficulty with & I thought I’d pass on a few tips in case you all were thinking of making a tasty treat for your head this festive time of year…

1. To begin with make sure you have a firm base to sew things on to. You can use card or buckram covered with fabric, or felt it doesn’t matter so long as it will support everything you wish to sew on to it.

bias 1 bias 3 bias 5

2. Use Bias Binding around the edge to neaten, which comes in so many colour ways now it’s almost an art form in itself! I love to use Satin Bias in a contrast colour which I can then overlay with lace if I want. It is real easy to channel a Retro vibe with some of the patterned Bias Bindings! You could also go all out and make your own Bias Binding for all sorts of yummy effects, click here for a basic tutorial.

3. Pleat your base in to a cone to make it a little less flat. This will also give you a useful ‘platform’ to attach feathers & net & to decorate on to. Buttons look particularly fetching applied to the back of a cone shaped Fascinator.

skull  BlueCherry KER1619a

4. Although I tend to favor circles, your Fascinator base can be any shape you desire- heart, skull, star, anything!

5. You’ll be stitching through multiple layers to attach things & this can sometimes be tricky. Thimbles are an excellent way to help you with this however; I actually wind a thin strip of Gaffa Tape around the end of my finger. This doesn’t fall off & still protects me from gouging holes in my finger tips.

6. So, last but not least, what do you need or want to decorate you Fascinator with? I find the best way to approach this part is with a little planning… sounds dull I know!! I like to make a pile in the middle of the table of all the things I think I might like. Then I put my fascinator base against all of them and start editing! Also, more is more when decorating a fascinator. They are so small you may as well go all out for the fun of it!

Black and White Fascinator Flower Fascinator

I do hope you try to make your own Fascinator, they are so delightfully fun & frivolous & wearing one for the office party, or nice lunch out or even in the bath makes everything just a little bit more special & fun!

Happy stitching!

Make your own…


Two pages from my up-coming Mini Top Hat Kit…

I have been hard at work over the last few weeks designing and illustrating the first in a series of Kits to be available for sale soon. The one above takes you through every step of properly constructing a Mini Top Hat using Millinery techniques I have both been taught and picked up over many years of Costume Making. I shall also be releasing one for a Mini Tricorn and other designs if this sells well. . . maybe even for clothing like Spats!

Packaged as a gift idea, the Kit will come with an A5 booklet of instructions also filled with illustrations, hints, tips and ideas along with all fabric needed to construct the hat, pins, needle & thread and some embellishment pieces like ribbons, buttons and feathers.

Because it is a gift there will be an option to request a word or phrase of your choice be embroidered on the lining, and you will of course be able to choose from a range of colours and fabrics!

It has been a wonderful but extremely labor intensive project, but I am so very happy with the results and can’t wait to see the finished thing… just a few adjustments to the booklet and I’ll be away!! I’m going to run a competition to win a few, so watch this space!!

Happy stitching!

The Mini Top Hat Kit will be available soon through my Etsy online store. Please click here to visit now to see other items, and Mini Top Hats.

Small but glorious video on hat making!

Below is a link to a short film where you will see one of Stephen Jones’ creations ‘come to life’.

Commissioned by The V&A for the exhibition the ‘millinery workroom or atelier is the creative laboratory where hat designs are transformed from ideas into reality’, & this film really takes what is a very slow, labor intensive & highly skilled craft & turns it into something very beautiful visually.


I see all the techniques I was taught several years ago in a drafty studio in Wimbledon by our Millinery lecturer (who we were all a little awe struck by as he had created beautiful pieces for many feature films including Shakespeare In Love), & which I still employ today in my Mini Top Hats & for the various commissions I get for film & theater.

Like so many of the skills I have learnt millinery is fiddly, slow, hard on the hands & eyes, yet hugely satisfying! It split my class in two- those who could & loved it, & those who loathed it!!

I do hope this inspires, happy stitching!

You can see Laura After Midnight on Etsy here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/lauraaftermidnight?ref=si_shop where I shall soon be selling Mini Top Hat kits, with full instructions & all materials included.