Moe Guys… Moe Costumes!!

Wonderful to see these Costumes in action… they look super snazzy if I say so myself!!


Photo courtesy of The Stage.

Midnight Costume Services made the matching, colourful Tail Coats and Waistcoats you see in these pictures, working from the original Costume Designs provided by Underbelly Productions.

Each were individually pattern cut to the performers measurements, then hand tailored to fit in the workroom.

There was a fitting, which was helpful as the height of these performers ranged considerably! Big Moe was 6’6”!! Then they were shipped off for their Edinburgh Underbelly debut.

You can see more on how we made these fab costumes here.

maya55 maya33

(Left) Photo courtesy of Scots Magazine. (Right) Photo Courtesy of Maya Rose Costumes

Maya22 Maya11

Photos Courtesy of Maya Rose Costumes

These splendid Tail Coats were made by the in-house Team at Midnight Costume Services and I have to say we loved every minute! So colourful! If you would like similar Costumes check out our services, or contact us today.

Happy stitching!


How to Make Vintage Christmas Tree Lights


These Vintage style Christmas Tree Lights make me so happy!! I think it’s a truly delightful Christmas Month make, ideal for a little crafting by oneself or something simple to do with smaller Children. I first saw the idea on Pinterest some time ago and this is my take on things… considering they’re made from Felt, they really do light up when fairy lights are put next to them!

You will need:

Felt in various colours, I chose a rainbow of colours!

Yellow Felt

Narrow Yellow Ribbon


Scissors, Pins, Needles and Thread


Vintage Christmas Tree Light Pattern. Click to enlarge, then re-size by hand or at your local Copy Shop

light1a light1 light2a light2

Cut a Front and a Back from each colour of the Felt. Sandwich them together and Whip Stitch around the edge as illustrated. whip stitch

Whip Stitch, pass the Needle and Thread through the back to the front, then repeat. 

I chose to use a Red Thread but you could use Gold, Glittery or different colours if you want to get fancy! I guess you could also alternate the colours of the Felt back and fronts too… stitch around all of the Lights.

light3 light4

Use a pencil to gently stuff each Light. You wont need much!

Next, use the Top Pattern to cut the Yellow Felt up. Fold each Top in half, pin on top of each Light, then use a Running Stitch to attach each Top to each Light.

light6 light5 light7 light8


Running Stitch. Try pushing the Needle in and out of the fabric in one movement. It’s quicker and more accurate!

Finally, you’ll need to sew the Ribbon in Loops on to the Top of the Light, using Running Stitch again. I first pinned on the Ribbon, to make sure they were as even as possible, then stitched.

light9 light10

And don’t they look jolly! I have hung mine on a lamp for the moment all ready for the Christmas Tree but at this rate I may have to unpack one of my Mini Christmas Trees, or take the annual pilgrimage to Paperchase for another beautiful Mini Tree for the season!!


You could try making them from Patterned Fabric, Satin or Shiny Fabric or even Glittery Fabric! Whatever you do be sure to share it with me here or on Facebook!

Exciting news on the Pop Up Shop front! I have several local Crafters and Designers joining me, so the Mini Market is shaping up to be rather exciting! I am also going to be in The Bristol Magazine, which I am over to moon about! I am staging a small photo shoot later this week which I am sure I’ll share, because I’m super bad at keeping secrets!

I have already had some wonderful comments and responses to Christmas Month, I’m so pleased you all are enjoying it. It looks like Jewel Birds will be decorating Christmas Trees about the globe! Tomorrow I’ll have an extra long post all about printing your own Christmas Cards and the various ways to go about doing that… watch out, and have some potatoes handy!!

Happy stitching!