Evening Classes from The Midnight Atelier

There are a couple of new Evening Classes getting booked up fast here at The Midnight Atelier and I thought I’d share them quickly!

The first is the wonderful Home Sewing Course! Book on this bad boy if you have been sewing at home, making your own clothing but can’t quite seem to get everything as you’d like it… maybe it’s troubles with Patterns, maybe a slight awkwardness with fit, whatever it is this Course will explain it away! Take a read, and click the image to book…

Home Sewing Poster Flier A6


Next up is the super, duper new Measuring and Pattern Evening! This promises to be great fun, and will take you through the processes of measuring yourself (properly) and recording those measurements on a chart so you have them to use again and again, then adapting a simple Bodice Block to fit. Having the confidence to do something like this before you cut your fabric is a magnificent thing. Book quick as places are being snapped up!!

Have a read and click to book…

measure pattern evening


Last but not least is my new Fitting Evening, ta daa!!

This baby is going to be hectic, but so so much fun… bring along those garments you have made to have them professionally fitted so that you can unpick, snip and stitch them back to the glorious pieces they were destined to become. No sewing will be done on the night, but you will leave with notes on how to manage the alterations, measurements and the confidence to do more!

Take a peek and book here…


fitting evening


Exciting times, no? Contact me with any questions,

Happy stitching!


New poster! Dressmaking Classes in Bristol…

Aprils Poster


Some of the above only have a couple of places left, and the Bra Making Course is almost all sold out but I could squeeze one more person on to it! There are 3 places left on the Play Suit Course, which I think is going to be awesome as I have three different patterns including a super Retro 40s style Land Girl one! The UpCycle Sew Anything  and Vintage Summer Dress Courses are both booking up and have just three places left each… book quick guys!

I love all of the new Project Days I have put together too! You can learn how to make Pyjama Shorts, Patchwork or Machine Embroidery in just one day among other things, and for just £35 which is pretty darn spectacular if I say so myself.

You can still book most Classes and Courses for just a £10 deposit, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions!

Happy stitching!

Free Fabric!

This Saturday from 2pm!!

This Saturday sees the 2nd Bristol Sewing Club Fabric Swap! Bring along any un-loved, un-wanted Fabric and swap it for something new and shiny you can stitch up into a fresh new outfit… or whip up into something glorious for Make Me A Wardrobe maybe (we’re all following along at Sewing Club, are you?)

20150122_180709 20150122_181201

I have just begun to hunt through my stash (which, I’m not going to lie to you guys, might be slightly out of control!), for any forgotten or un-loved goodies and can’t wait to see what everyone brings.

Are you in? Happy stitching!

Notes from the Atelier

A little late, I know, but I thought I would share a couple images from the Gimme Shelter! Vintage Fair I had a stall for last Sunday. It was first Market this year, and got things off to a great start!

market6thjuly2 market6thjuly1

New products for this Market included the already popular Reversible Tote Bags, Head Scarves and Appliqué Cushions (quite honestly, who wouldn’t want a cushion with ‘Golly Gee written on it?!). All of my customers were happy and chatty, and although I started the day with a migraine, I had a lovely time.


I will be at the next Gimme Shelter! Vintage Fair on 7th September… with my Sewing Machine!! You can have anything you buy from Jayz Bags altered in a trice for free, or for just £5 from any other stall on the day (I’ll be taking any more complicated alterations away, this service will be available from £10).

I shall also be premièring a new range of Vintage Dresses, Up-Cycled Dresses, Dresses made from Vintage Fabrics, Jackets, and all sorts! I am quite excited about it, watch this space for more information and to see glimpses in to the Midnight Atelier and what I shall be bringing…

Happy stitching!

Notes from the Atelier

This week has been a week filled with ups and downs. Renting and moving in to Midnight Atelier has been filled with mixed blessings! Yes, it is something which I have wanted to be able to do for many years now however; doing it has meant I have to suddenly make a lot more money, more consistently- something which this business is not known for!

I am in the process of drawing up a revised business plan for the next year or so, which is a wonderful way to organize thoughts and narrow down your scope- I have no problem dreaming big!- and out of the somewhat nervous depression is starting to come a spark of excitement. This could work!

20140620_175419 alt

For the most part this week I have been preparing for a couple of Summer Vintage Markets, this first of which is in a week hosted by Gimme Shelter! Vintage Boutique at The Lanes in Bristol on Sunday 6th July 12-5pm.

I have been making up some of my best sellers- Bunting and Bunnies!- for what promises to be a very cheerful stall filled with my Vintage inspired Sewing Kits, new style Kilner Pin Cushion Jars, Appliqué Cushions and all sorts of other goodies! The above shows a fraction of the Bunting… I have been making up enough (hopefully) for a fair few markets and what you’re looking at it about 80 meters worth! Eek!!

I have also been receiving some pretty exciting post here at The Midnight Atelier! My Mum and Dad sent me an essential box of Lady Grey Tea- it’s so delicious, and Sewing Club are very appreciative!- and a super pretty Cup and Saucer (which I think my Dad picked out!). There was a HUGE box of biscuits as well but I am going to be honest and confess they have not made it here yet… we are enjoying them too much at home!

I also received a lovely couple of 1935 and 1937 Singer Needlework Samples Books from an Aunt, with two beautiful Edwardian Photos. I have already framed the photograph of the Lady sitting, and she has already starred in a photo shoot for my little Sewing Workshop!

20140620_204745 alt 1403098503882 alt

The other piece of post was this little package, sent from the Bunnies who have moved in to my Fells’s Sisters field… they are all called Jeff and we often hear from them but I had to share this delightful little package! It’s a little piece of art really…

20140619_114218 alt 20140619_114512 alt 20140619_114252 alt 20140619_114322 alt

Apart from preping for the Markets I have also been hard at it creating more Corsets, which will be on sale soon.

20140616_145232 alt 20140618_125248 alt 1402497577172 alt

I am head over heels in love with the Red Satin one, and as you can see have found some pretty inventive ways to cut out!

Happy stitching!

What’s on the board this week?


Well, boys and girls, this week on the Midnight Atelier Chalkboard is information about our up-coming Vintage Lingerie Classes, Vintage Bra Making Classes, the Eventide Corsetry Course and Sewing Club dates!

As you can see, all courses include Pattern (with the Eventide Corsetry Course you receive the Pattern and Instruction book), and they are all booking now!

Check out the Class Schedule Page for more information, and to book. If you would like to pay a deposit, and the balance later please email me on laura@lauraaftermidnight.com

Happy stitching!



All Change!

Well, you may have noticed it is a little quiet around here at the moment! My sincere apologies, moving in to the new Studio has been all consuming, and will make for an epic JRR Tolkin style narrative one day however; we are almost there!

Sunday is the last moving day, when I shall have tables in for the Sewing Machines, all storage sorted and all walls painted (with a rather fancy chalk board and mural… but more on that as I do them!). I have tried to make it one, hideous week so as to get working again as soon as possible- I haven’t sewn anything all week but for one solitary pair of Spats!- and Corset Month will resume next week because of this. I have some great work in progress images to show you of people joining in with the sew-a-long!

I am also working on a couple of exciting, slightly off the wall Sewing Courses too. If you are in Bristol and want to sew something a little different, watch this space for news of a Corsetry course using the Eventide Pattern, a Vintage Lingerie Course and a Light Upholstery course. So exciting!!

Don’t forget also, you can join Bristol Sewing Club which will start on the 16th June in the new space. Running for a couple of years now, this Club meets every 1st and 3rd Monday, and every 2nd and 4th Wednesday. It’s just £7 a ‘go’ to sew anything with a cuppa and a biscuit or two. If you would like to join, email me or follow the above link to join the Newsletter for further dates and information.

Happy stitching.


A call to create!

Heaven’s, but I have just read an article in The Guardian & although it was written in slight jest & mockery, it has annoyed & disappointed me somewhat.

Entitled The Hell of Handicrafts it describes one woman’s journey into crafting. Why she has set herself this journey is not clear and as you read further, one can only imagine a cruel Editor in the wings laughing maniacally at her misfortune! She writes so derisively & passionlessly I ended up feeling quite despondent by the end.

I have been sewing since I was about four or five, and stitched my first stitch on a sewing machine when just seven, I learnt on my Mum’s old ‘hand crank’ Singer, & still love the feeling I had then; excitement mixed with anticipation & the  pride of making something beautiful with my own hands.

At no point does the writer of the Hell of Handicrafts get even a glimmer of this. To be honest the article just illustrates that if you don’t know, & can’t do after a few attempts go find a class. There’re 100’s of them, & learning with others can often be more productive, & a lot more fun.

It’s not her lackadaisical attitude which has annoyed, it’s not her sneering at ‘the price’, it’s not the fact that she clearly just doesn’t want to make these things, it’s that this is print. Big grown-up print. For others to see. Now this is truly unforgivable.  Especially the end of the article where she lectures the reader in her ’10 rules for happier handicrafters’.

Expounding on a subject she clearly has no knowledge, has no interest in learning, & hasn’t learnt anything over the course of the piece she has just typed up is cruel to the budding ‘handicrafter’. Why should one wear white? I’m as in the dark as you, I have never stitched myself to anything, & I am left slightly confused as to how she managed to on a sewing machine! Finally, take no notice as your friends & especially your family, will ADORE your creations, no matter how lumpy, misshapen or odd.

I cringe at the thought of some of the things I have offloaded to Aunts, Grandparents & Mums, Dads & my long suffering brother! However; they understood I was on a journey & learning, one of the high points on that journey was seeing their pleasure watching my now sister-in-law walking to marry my brother in a dress I had made beautifully & to couture standards. I am sure they all at some point that day remembered the child/girl/woman who had given them variously embroidered cards, clear plastic patch-worked stockings (I’m not kidding!), appliqued coasters, painted spoons (blame my school for that one) & framed sketches. They all still have them, they all still love them, & if I think really hard about my life as a ‘handicrafter’ I don’t regret making any of them. Except the plastic stocking. That was a bit odd!

The dress? Well, the dress looked like this…


Unfortunately I have no photographs of the stocking despite my Mum getting it out each year and hanging it up!

So readers don’t listen. Follow your creative heart, find a book, a class or just ask someone. If you want to create, go create. & don’t look back for anything!

Happy stitching!

To join me in a class click here for dates & times. And budding crafters/fashion designers/creators please do not hesitate to ask me anything.

Learn yourself something new!

You know when you’re reading a lovely crafting book, which is expounding the delights of adding some ribbon or hand embroidery to something to up-cycle, or re-purpose it? & you’re left wondering how to do such a thing, or where to go to get supplies or just a little annoyed at the writer for having that flair of creativity?! Well, look no further & be bothered no more!


One of my courses at Cordial & Grace is all about dispelling the myths of crafting & takes you through things like hand & machine appliqué, hand embroidery & building up machine stitches to create simple but effective patterns, making fabric flowers, buttons & brooches… whilst making dinky little trinkets to take away. The final week however; is when you get to put all your new found creative flair to use & make a tote bag or cushion cover decorated by your very own hand. Suitable for all ages over 12yrs, all materials are provided however; feel free to bring along your own fabric stash or vintage bit & bobs to get really creative!

As with all courses I teach at Cordial & Grace you can enjoy a lovely cup of tea served in vintage bone china, with a simply scrumptious slice of home made cake as you learn. Click the link to find out more & book your place, they’re limited so get there fast!

For the more advanced sewers’ out there who maybe want to fine tune what they know, or people wanting to branch out into dressmaking please join me in making a lovely summer frock, or a skirt in a day. I cover very basic pattern cutting, fit & adjustments, seaming, hemming, buttons & button holes, zips & a whole host of hints & tips to help you make a professionally finished garment which fits like a glove. Full instructions are provided, as is a pattern & all notions (thread, buttons, zips etc), all you need to do is bring along 1.5 meters (skirt) or 2 meters (dress) of fabric of your choice.

The above illustration shows the basic pattern of the dress, which can be altered by taking off the sleeves, darting, gathering or pleating the skirt, changing the neckline etc.

The summers dress course will be running throughout June at Cordial & Grace, & the Skirt in a Day will be at Tenderfoot. Click the links to find out more and book.


Alongside all these exciting new courses I am hoping to start running a fortnightly drop in sewing session named Thimble Up & Fix! At just £8 per two & a half hour session this truly is a bargain. You can bring any project, big or small, fantastical or every day & I’ll assist you in sewing it together. From cushions to corsets, & everything in between the sky is really the limit!Also with Tenderfoot I shall be teaching a ‘Learn your Sewing Machine’ course on two dates in July. From re-threading, bobbins, feet & stitches I shall help you take your sewing machine through its paces! I shall be bringing along one of my own salvaged vintage sewing machine finds to both these dates because I’d love to have a bit of a closer look into what they do. Please bring along a project you are working on, or better yet one you may have gotten slightly stuck on and I’ll get you sewing away, whilst munching on a slice of home made cake, & a lovely cup of tea. Thread & calico will be provided if required. Click the link to find out more & book your place, they’re limited so hurry!

I shall be offering support for all of these courses through my blog with tutorials, photographs & questions & answer sessions so please follow me here, and check back regularly. Alternatively you can like my Facebook page Laura After Midnight, or follow me on Twitter @midnightlaura.

I very much look forward to meeting you soon.

Happy stitching!