Class Report Card: Lingerie and Bra Making Class

I thought I’d share a couple pictures from last nights inaugural Bra and Lingerie Class, which was sheer raucous fun!

I have only ever taught Bra and Lingerie making as a 1:1 Lesson, so this was a first for me however; I think I had done so much planning and prep work (almost too much- I kept mixing up the names of things from the U.K. English to the American, doh!) that I needn’t have worried.

braclass1  braclass2

First up, tracing the Patterns! Never cut you Lingerie Patterns, you’ll always need to fit and could need the next size up and then where would you be? It’s tedious but means you’ll be fine whatever the outcome.

braclass5  braclass3 braclass6

Then the best bit- choosing fabric and cutting out!

I decided to be quite mean, but I have my reasons… everyone is making their trial or Bra Toile from White fabric, with contrast stitching. The reason is we can then see what’s going on, where the stitching is and what might be wrong or right about it and fitting will be easy as we can mark the white fabric easily with Tailors Chalk.

I had provided a selection of fabrics and Bras are going to be made from Cotton Lawn and Polk Dot Stretch Net, Jersey and Stretch Net or Lace and finally Power Net and Stretch Lace (which we all agreed might very well be the hardest combination).

To show solidarity- and what the next step will be- I have made up my own Bra in White with contrast Electric Blue stitching!

braclass7 braclass8 braclass9

I actually think it looks super pretty, and I might have finally ironed out my fitting issues with however; I shall have to await the HUGE order I have placed with Vena Cava for the Under Wires to actually find out.

Don’t worry though, in a couple of weeks they’ll be making their final Bra’s out of their own selection of fabric and I am sure the cutting tables and sewing machines at The Midnight Atelier will be a swirl of colour.

Thinking about making your own Lingerie? there are some Pattern and Sew-Along suggestions here.

Happy stitching!

New poster! Dressmaking Classes in Bristol…

Aprils Poster


Some of the above only have a couple of places left, and the Bra Making Course is almost all sold out but I could squeeze one more person on to it! There are 3 places left on the Play Suit Course, which I think is going to be awesome as I have three different patterns including a super Retro 40s style Land Girl one! The UpCycle Sew Anything  and Vintage Summer Dress Courses are both booking up and have just three places left each… book quick guys!

I love all of the new Project Days I have put together too! You can learn how to make Pyjama Shorts, Patchwork or Machine Embroidery in just one day among other things, and for just £35 which is pretty darn spectacular if I say so myself.

You can still book most Classes and Courses for just a £10 deposit, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions!

Happy stitching!

Pattern Ponderings.

There are so many fantastic Independent Pattern Designers out there I thought I’d start sharing the ones I’m all about, the ones I’m obsessed with, the ones which I want to stitch up and frolic about in a sea of daffodils wearing!

My first new discovery and current obsession is Salme. I love their clean, pared down designs, my favourite being the Buttonless Shirt Dress. I think it would be such a simple little make (ideal for a Sunday Sewing Bee maybe), and perfect for Spring with leggings and boots, but also a great Summer Dress when the weather gets a little warmer. You could make several, all in different Light Weight Cotton and be happy forever!

PDF Sewing pattern - Buttonless shirt dress

Now, my next new discovery seems to have happened at the same time as every one else! But I’ll share anyway, it’s the Emmeline Tee from Little Tailoress.

Emmeline Tee   Emmeline Tee

You can make this from stretch or non-stretch Fabric, yay! I love the sleeves, to be honest, and again, this would make up so quickly and be comfortable forever!

And now another Top,  this little darling from Wiksten. The Tova Sewing Pattern, which I first discovered and know best as a dress. By lengthening the Pattern you can create several different Dresses…

Tovabyprosestitch Image of Wiksten Tova Sewing Pattern Downloadable PDF Image of Wiksten Tova Sewing Pattern Downloadable PDF

You can add Buttons, remove the gathering… or even add pleats! There’s so many ‘hacks’ online it’s unreal! I have just bought this little gem but I think I need to treat myself to some lovely fabric before I make it up so it might be a while until you see me wearing it. A pattern like this would be the perfect thing to bring along to my Sew Anything Course as re-designing the Pattern would be a fantastic project.

And now for a little colour… I mean I love Grey, but phew! Feast your eyes upon this beaut from Waffle Patterns!

Billed as Advanced (but I think a determined Intermediate Sewer would manage it, maybe with a couple visits to Sewing Club, or on the Sew Anything Course), this Jacket is just heaven to me, and wouldn’t it go well with the Tova, or Buttonless Shirt Dress underneath? I’d be too scared to make a Mustard one, in case I went off it after all that work, but I might be persuaded to make an Indigo or Midnight Blue one… There’s a great Waffle Patterns Blog too.

Have you discovered any Patterns recently? I’m always on the look out, what have you made up? As I start to develop my own  Pattern Line further I am discovering more and more Indy’s out there and I’m so happy that there is so much choice these days!

Happy stitching!

Free Fabric!

This Saturday from 2pm!!

This Saturday sees the 2nd Bristol Sewing Club Fabric Swap! Bring along any un-loved, un-wanted Fabric and swap it for something new and shiny you can stitch up into a fresh new outfit… or whip up into something glorious for Make Me A Wardrobe maybe (we’re all following along at Sewing Club, are you?)

20150122_180709 20150122_181201

I have just begun to hunt through my stash (which, I’m not going to lie to you guys, might be slightly out of control!), for any forgotten or un-loved goodies and can’t wait to see what everyone brings.

Are you in? Happy stitching!