Evening Classes from The Midnight Atelier

There are a couple of new Evening Classes getting booked up fast here at The Midnight Atelier and I thought I’d share them quickly!

The first is the wonderful Home Sewing Course! Book on this bad boy if you have been sewing at home, making your own clothing but can’t quite seem to get everything as you’d like it… maybe it’s troubles with Patterns, maybe a slight awkwardness with fit, whatever it is this Course will explain it away! Take a read, and click the image to book…

Home Sewing Poster Flier A6


Next up is the super, duper new Measuring and Pattern Evening! This promises to be great fun, and will take you through the processes of measuring yourself (properly) and recording those measurements on a chart so you have them to use again and again, then adapting a simple Bodice Block to fit. Having the confidence to do something like this before you cut your fabric is a magnificent thing. Book quick as places are being snapped up!!

Have a read and click to book…

measure pattern evening


Last but not least is my new Fitting Evening, ta daa!!

This baby is going to be hectic, but so so much fun… bring along those garments you have made to have them professionally fitted so that you can unpick, snip and stitch them back to the glorious pieces they were destined to become. No sewing will be done on the night, but you will leave with notes on how to manage the alterations, measurements and the confidence to do more!

Take a peek and book here…


fitting evening


Exciting times, no? Contact me with any questions,

Happy stitching!


Class Report Card: Lingerie and Bra Making Class

I thought I’d share a couple pictures from last nights inaugural Bra and Lingerie Class, which was sheer raucous fun!

I have only ever taught Bra and Lingerie making as a 1:1 Lesson, so this was a first for me however; I think I had done so much planning and prep work (almost too much- I kept mixing up the names of things from the U.K. English to the American, doh!) that I needn’t have worried.

braclass1  braclass2

First up, tracing the Patterns! Never cut you Lingerie Patterns, you’ll always need to fit and could need the next size up and then where would you be? It’s tedious but means you’ll be fine whatever the outcome.

braclass5  braclass3 braclass6

Then the best bit- choosing fabric and cutting out!

I decided to be quite mean, but I have my reasons… everyone is making their trial or Bra Toile from White fabric, with contrast stitching. The reason is we can then see what’s going on, where the stitching is and what might be wrong or right about it and fitting will be easy as we can mark the white fabric easily with Tailors Chalk.

I had provided a selection of fabrics and Bras are going to be made from Cotton Lawn and Polk Dot Stretch Net, Jersey and Stretch Net or Lace and finally Power Net and Stretch Lace (which we all agreed might very well be the hardest combination).

To show solidarity- and what the next step will be- I have made up my own Bra in White with contrast Electric Blue stitching!

braclass7 braclass8 braclass9

I actually think it looks super pretty, and I might have finally ironed out my fitting issues with however; I shall have to await the HUGE order I have placed with Vena Cava for the Under Wires to actually find out.

Don’t worry though, in a couple of weeks they’ll be making their final Bra’s out of their own selection of fabric and I am sure the cutting tables and sewing machines at The Midnight Atelier will be a swirl of colour.

Thinking about making your own Lingerie? there are some Pattern and Sew-Along suggestions here.

Happy stitching!

Notes from the Atelier

A week or so ago I ran a Freehand Machine Embroidery Class here at The Midnight Atelier, which was a blast!

Machine Embroidery Class 3 Machine Embroidery Class 1 Machine Embroidery Class 15

Starting with the basic principles and how to set the Sewing Machine up for Freehand Machine Embroidery, we quickly moved on to the fun of it all and started to create mini works of art!

Machine Embroidery Class 7 Machine Embroidery Class 8 Machine Embroidery Class 14

Throughout the day I demonstrated different techniques like freehand pattern building and writing as well as using Water Soluble Fabric, Applique and using Metallic Thread.

Machine Embroidery Class 11 Machine Embroidery Class 10 Machine Embroidery Class 13

I seriously loved the delicate leaves (above, left), and watching what you have embroider become an almost 3D object is wonderful!

Machine Embroidery Class 15 Machine Embroidery Class 16

It’s difficult to be creative on demand like this, so I’m always super proud when everyone enjoys the day and gets inspired. It’s such a wonderfully easy thing to do, it really is all about what you want to do with it! Monogram something, make art work or create your own textiles? Embroider fabric to create Lingerie for sale? Embroider your logo, or use it to create new products for your Business? The list is endless…

Some samples were left in the workroom and I think I’m going to frame them to inspire everyone! This Class will run again on 25th April, 1-4pm and you can book here.

Happy stitching!