What’s on the board this week?


Well, boys and girls, this week on the Midnight Atelier Chalkboard is information about our up-coming Vintage Lingerie Classes, Vintage Bra Making Classes, the Eventide Corsetry Course and Sewing Club dates!

As you can see, all courses include Pattern (with the Eventide Corsetry Course you receive the Pattern and Instruction book), and they are all booking now!

Check out the Class Schedule Page for more information, and to book. If you would like to pay a deposit, and the balance later please email me on laura@lauraaftermidnight.com

Happy stitching!



My 1st Sew-a-Long

The eagle eyed amongst you may have spotted the Bra Making Sew-a-Long button which has appeared on the right. This is because I stumbled across this superb Sew-a-Long hosted by Cloth Habit which has re-ignited the passion to make sumptuous underwear in me! It quite fired me up and I swiftly ordered this pattern by Elan available here

Elan Bra Patterns

As you can see, Elan have quite a selection however; #645 was recommended and comes with the option of making with a half lace cup, out of 4-way stretch or from cotton.

Lingerie is quite a vast subject, and I am still struggling to order all of the supplies I need however; I aim to start soon and shall be following along the Sew-a-Long and blogging about my adventures in Bra making here of course!!

Take a peek at the Cloth Habit Post, grab yourself a pattern and join me… it’s wildly exciting when you think about it!

Happy stitching!


This is the dedication in my newest Vintage Sewing book purchase & I have just added it to my Welcome page because I think it is a lovely sentiment…

This […] is dedicated to women & girls-

   & especially to teachers of sewing everywhere-

who enjoy the feel of fabric, the beauty of textures,

   the precision of stitches, the smoothness of seams,

& who delight always in appropriate fabrics

   carefully cut & made up for a happy purpose.

From Singer Sewing Book, Mary Brooks Picken 1949

I have received a small library through the post over the last few days (much to the detriment of my bank balance of course!), including the Singer Sewing Book by Mary Brooks Picken, McCall’s Complete Book of Dressmaking (which pre-dates the one I already have  & is already proving to be very interesting), & Underwear & Lingerie Parts 1 & 2 which is an American Women’s Institute publication & very highly thought of. I am sure I shall be sharing ideas, pictures & techniques from these books over the coming weeks, but I just had to share this dedication I found with you now!

I am planning further book reviews, & helpful guides to buying Vintage Sewing books because they are so very much better than the majority of books on the subject published today. For example I have found out six different ways of Shirring this morning, & some handy tips for Scalloped Hems, all beautifully illustrated- which I find much easier to follow that confused colour photos- & written in the snooty instructional style I have come to love from these old gems!

Please share your Vintage Sewing book loves with me, I am always on the hunt for more & would love to hear about the ones you use regularly…

Happy stitching!

Look what I’ve just bought!

I’m so excited!!

Vintage Sewing Book 1930's Underwear and Lingerie Ebook Parts 1 and 2 Huge How To

I’m planning some new courses & one of the ones I am desperate to run is a Vintage Lingerie course however; a lot of what I have learnt, & indeed a lot of my techniques, have been built up over so many years I have been worried that my teaching style for this would be a little chaotic & not very informative. In trawling Etsy this morning looking for pattern inspiration for this and a couple Vintage 40’s & 50’s Dress courses I found the above which is from a 1930’s book entitled Underwear & Lingerie. 

Apparently it is a huge how to of the time, & I am almost swooning with excitement! Don’t you just adore ‘a’?

I have also purchased a pattern for a 1950’s Pin-Up Bra (which is very similar to ‘a’ above), because I simply couldn’t resist!

I am also in the process off a rethink of my Corsetry course & just might whip up a 1950’s Satin Waspie & a cheeky little Ribbon Corset, for the students who don’t want the challenge of a complete corset, or maybe want to make something slightly more unusual…

Happy stitching!

Christmas discount code!

When shopping for scrumptious festive delights this Christmastime use code MIDNIGHTFROST whilst shopping Laura After Midnight on Etsy for a 15% Discount!

Butterfly 2 Dark Blue 3

Yellow Butterflies Mini Top Hat, only £21.25 with the Discount Code & Midnight Blue Silk Mini Top Hat, only £29.75 with the Discount Code.

White Bloomers 1 Black Bloomers 2

Gorgeous Black or White 100% Cotton Fitted Bloomers only, £15.75 with the Discount Code. If you buy the Set of Two Bloomers option which is usually £30.00 for both pairs you’ll receive a discount of £4.50!!

white hat 2 pink hat 2

Simply stunning Cream Silk with Vintage Lace details Mini Top Hat, & Pale Pink Taffeta with Vintage Lace & Beaded details Mini Top Hat… both only £29.75 with Discount Code MIDNIGHTFROST.

Spread 1

And lastly… All Mini Top Hat Kits… from £12.75 with the Discount Code!!

Happy stitching… & shopping!!

Lots more to discover!

I have added the last few days worth of work on to Etsy, & I have to say that despite Midnight Heights looking like a fabric bomb has hit it I am very pleased!

I have finally worked out my Bloomers pattern & have made them up in Black with striped detailing and White with black detailing. I’ve done a little bit of research & I think they have just the right amount of design over functionality. I have tried to keep them simple whilst retaining a fun ‘costume’ feel & I think I have succeeded. I have still to make the knee length and ‘Bloomie’ version- little knickers but with bloomer fun retained!

Black Cotton Bloomers with Black & White Striped covered buttons & Binding detail. Click here to buy.

White Cotton Bloomers with Black Lace and Black covered button details. Click here to buy. Alternatively buy a set of two for a reduced price here.

I think they’re rather lovely! Look out for more new products over the next few days…

Happy stitching!

Vintage patterns!

I have just been given some Vintage patterns! I keep reading how this happens to others, & have always been envious & now I am the one! Splendid!

Most are hilariously out dated, the 70s and 80s highlighted in unflattering illustrations & oddly posed photos with even odder fabric choices (why do they never make the garment illustrating the pattern from something a bit plainer?!) however; I have discovered some really wonderful patterns amongst the rest.

Three or four are underwear patterns from the 50s & 60s. As a Costumier these are invaluable & I shall probably make very good use out of them. A few more are from the same era, & I think I am keeping them for posterity! They are a very cute 60s suit pattern, a very Hepburn-esque dress pattern, which I adore for its simplicity & a mixed pattern full of skirts of different shapes which I am thinking of incorporating in to my classes because it contains some beautiful shapes. Lastly I am keeping an early 80s shirt pattern as I think I may be able to adapt it in to an adorable Victorian style shirt.

The pattern I got really rather excited about however; was an early 60s tie, Ascot and bow tie pattern complete with tying instructions! I lost my tie pattern many moons ago & as they are a rather complicated affair to put together I have been missing it terribly! I think I shall be making the bow tie and Ascot patterns as soon as possible, maybe even to go with my adapted Victorian style shirt!!


I have decided to keep just nine or ten. The others will go to be shared at various venues I teach at, & I am happy that the patterns chosen & made by a woman who made clothes for her family will be used this way. Some are unusable, or missing too many parts & I have decided to re-cycle them in to packaging & labels.

Looking at, & smelling that distinct dusty smell, really reminded me of learning to sew with my Mum, choosing patterns with her & strangely made me sad for the time when I was daunted by sewing! I haven’t had a pattern in my own home for many years now because I am an accomplished pattern cutter & grader & in a very weird way I have missed them. They are awkward to use, confusing, can tangle you up in the thinnest, shiny-est of paper but I think I feel like a proper sewer when I have them around!

Some of them have come with sewing terminology explanation diagrams & I intend to share these over the coming weeks.

Happy stitching!