What’s on the board this week?


Well, boys and girls, this week on the Midnight Atelier Chalkboard is information about our up-coming Vintage Lingerie Classes, Vintage Bra Making Classes, the Eventide Corsetry Course and Sewing Club dates!

As you can see, all courses include Pattern (with the Eventide Corsetry Course you receive the Pattern and Instruction book), and they are all booking now!

Check out the Class Schedule Page for more information, and to book. If you would like to pay a deposit, and the balance later please email me on laura@lauraaftermidnight.com

Happy stitching!



Notes from the Atelier

Well, I have completed the move from Midnight Heights to Midnight Atelier, and a very happy Seamstress I am too!

I have already taught my first one-to-one Class in the space (more on that soon), which seems to work very well, and today was my first day of work… and boy did I work!

Orders were stitched, packed up and shipped. New designs patterned and sewn up, including the below- quite frankly- stunning Waspy Bustle Skirt and tidying and sorting continued apace!

bustle skirt 1 bustle skirt 3 bustle skirt 4 bustle skirt 5

bustle skirt 6 bustle skirt 7

This Bustle Skirt will be on sale next week and is one of two Bustle Skirt Designs I have been working on. Adapted from a Vintage Pattern, I am quite literally in love with it! I may have to make a Mini Tricorn Hat to match… I am also loving my new Labels… printed Purple Satin Ribbon, with a flourish of Vintage Taffeta behind. So much fun!!

Corset Month will continue Monday, which will also be the day I release my Course List for the Midnight Atelier and Workshop. Courses will include Vintage Lingerie, Corsetry and Bullet Bra making! Places are limited to just three lucky Sewers so booking early will be encouraged.

Happy stitching!

All Change!

Well, you may have noticed it is a little quiet around here at the moment! My sincere apologies, moving in to the new Studio has been all consuming, and will make for an epic JRR Tolkin style narrative one day however; we are almost there!

Sunday is the last moving day, when I shall have tables in for the Sewing Machines, all storage sorted and all walls painted (with a rather fancy chalk board and mural… but more on that as I do them!). I have tried to make it one, hideous week so as to get working again as soon as possible- I haven’t sewn anything all week but for one solitary pair of Spats!- and Corset Month will resume next week because of this. I have some great work in progress images to show you of people joining in with the sew-a-long!

I am also working on a couple of exciting, slightly off the wall Sewing Courses too. If you are in Bristol and want to sew something a little different, watch this space for news of a Corsetry course using the Eventide Pattern, a Vintage Lingerie Course and a Light Upholstery course. So exciting!!

Don’t forget also, you can join Bristol Sewing Club which will start on the 16th June in the new space. Running for a couple of years now, this Club meets every 1st and 3rd Monday, and every 2nd and 4th Wednesday. It’s just £7 a ‘go’ to sew anything with a cuppa and a biscuit or two. If you would like to join, email me or follow the above link to join the Newsletter for further dates and information.

Happy stitching.