Ding dong, the Witch is… sewn up neatly and shipped off in time thank you very much!


I present… Elphaba! These photos were taken whilst we were constructing her (no sleeves!), and it took three of us about a week to make her… with a LOT of discussion, pinning, unpinning, more discussion and lots and lots of sewing!

w8 w9 w10

The Bodice was pattern cut, the pieces embellished with strips of sequin, lace, and other oddments in quite an organic way. It took time to place the layers in a way which didn’t add too much bulk to the costume- and therefore make the across look like she’s been eating all the pies!-  and there’s quite a few layers. Maya did the main bulk of the sewing for this section and I had to admire her patience!

We wanted to emphasis the ‘tornado’ effect, because of the character of Elphaba, which would pay homage to the original Broadway design but be a little different and put a Midnight Costume Services twist on it!

w5 w2 w3

The skirt was where we ran into some difficulties. We didn’t have enough time for this costume really, and we needed to some up with a solution which would look awesome, not use too much fabric and be quick… yeah, it was asking a lot, I know!

In the end we cut and alternately pleated and gathered strips, onto the panels of the bottom section of the Skirt. The top we stitched to match the bodice so it would ‘fish tail’.  The bottom of the skirt started to look do a really good impression of Madonna in her Material World phase and after panicking for a few minutes we discovered that sewing each layer down, and trapping some sequin trim as we did so, solved this issue whilst looking brilliant at the same time.

With a Crin underskirt, sleeves, lace tatters and some incredible Red Diamante Hot Stones which glittered brilliantly  we were finished and I promise to share pictures as soon as we have them!

Happy stitching!

Shiney New Things!

I have finally gotten around to photographing all the wonderful new things I’ve made for my Etsy shop, & I’ve been extra good and listed them all too! I’m so glad I did as within minutes I had sold one, and in 24 hours another!!

Here is a selection…

Mini Victorian Witches Hat


Firstly, my wonderful new Mini Witches Hat! I am just so in love with this design, I’ve channeled a whole bunch of images I grew up with from 50s Pin Up Girls to really rather odd Vintage & Victorian style Halloween photographs! It’s very jaunty to wear as well, and priced at £17.35… you’ll have to visit my shop to find out why!!
I’ve also been designing a range of more Wedding inspired Mini Top Hats, & have really enjoyed the process. Now, you may have noticed that I have a penchant for Black, so the Pale Pink Taffeta was hard for me, but once I teamed it with the cream Vintage Lace and Pearls I think it looks like a dream. I also love the detail that looks like Butterflies on the new White Silk Mini Top Hat. It’s actually flowers cut from a Vintage- probably Edwardian- Corset  Topper. I found the piece some years ago, & one end had sadly succumbed to time however; the flowers look just lovely used like this!


The Spats are a new line for me, & I really hope soon to be offering them in a more unusual fabric. Time is a fickle mistress, & I fear it may be some weeks before I get around to creating them but the designs are dancing around my head already! As it is these are a great basic, & with the graceful curves they look really beautiful on. The top has been designed to fold over in a multitude of ways for different looks & I am offering them in a large- to fit over boots- and a regular fit.

There’s still a whole host of brooches to be photographed as well, I’ve had quite the creative spurt!

Happy stitching!